On February 18, 2018 launched the official brand ! Visit the official website here:

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Our mission is to empower Black Muslim girls and women, worldwide, and encourage them to lift their voices, by providing a platform to showcase their talents, intelligence, and successes in all industries, and to do so with confidence in that ‘it’ factor that makes us special.


Our vision is to have community groups, and meet ups regularly, where young Black Muslim girls have the freedom to express themselves, feel a sense of belonging, and receive mentorship along the way on the pot-hole filled roads that we travel in life.

Success looks like our youth and our elders, and their #BlackMuslimGirlFly fully expressed, without hesitation or question, in the company of any and everyone, worldwide. We are a force, a collective, a community, driven by sisterhood, and by love.


This platform was created to shine a light on a group who has been in the shadows way too long, Black Muslim Girls & Women. As Zora Neale Hurston so eloquently expressed through her character, Nanny, in Their Eyes Were Watching God, ‘The Black Woman has been the mule of the world.’ Add to that, the soul of a brave Muslim girl looking out at a world who doesn’t even want to acknowledge she exists, and you have the triple consciousness we as Black Muslim Women have to contend with every day. We are “de mule” no more. And, we will wear the badge of our magnificence, with esteem.