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Audaz Entertainment, Inc.

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Founded in 2006, Audaz Entertainment is an independent in television and film production company dedicated to produce, develop and highlight compelling stories from diverse and underrepresented communities, specifically, Black Muslim girls and women, among audiences worldwide. As a production house, Audaz has produced the documentary Love Supreme: An Anatomy of Gratitude, TV series including “The Muslim Women” and “Vengeful” as well as a roster of short films including Shattered Lenses, #BlackMuslimGirlFly: A Butterfly Amidst Iniquity, Temporary Loss of Power, The Trap and others.

The media enterprise works to address issues of inclusion in cinema by creating and supporting positive, authentic and lesser told narratives, including the Black Muslim Girl Fly Film Festival (BMFF), an annual one-day event of film showcases that profile stories by Black Muslim Girl filmmakers and creative talent in the film, television and digital space. As a resource for budding filmmakers, Audaz Entertainment also provides educational programs and professional development resources through its empowerment brand, Black Muslim Girl Fly (BMGFly). Production workshops in the Hot Writers Group and the Mastermind Group weekly support creative artists with community, valued industry insider insights and proficiency tools needed to succeed in the motion picture and television industries. Audaz also publishes a seasonal blog called Fresh on Medium.com covering women’s perspectives in Black Muslim culture and diversity.

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Our vision is to live in a world where we honor each other and spread love through shared experiences. We see the lives we lead as stories and each as a through line, or bridge, between cultures and experiences in the world. Audaz Entertainment envisions that the stories we share will help to cultivate deeper sub-cultural understanding and forge connections in our local and global communities to grow and elevate our humanity, collectively and individually.

Our vision is for Audaz Entertainment to be the premier production house for Black and Muslim film, television and digital content in Hollywood.


Audaz Entertainment is committed to promoting inclusive and diverse content through a fresh lens to expose and celebrate a wider multitude of voices, particularly those of Black Muslim girls and women, in the motion picture and television industry. Leading with the goal of empowering aspiring filmmakers, Audaz Entertainment aims to cultivate community, fortified by professional development, leadership and shared opportunities for diverse populations to develop, produce and share their stories.