Audaz Entertainment is an independent television and film production company dedicated to produce, develop and highlight compelling stories from diverse and underrepresented communities, specifically, Black Muslim girls and women, among audiences worldwide. As a production house, Audaz has produced the award-winning feature film, Love Supreme: An Anatomy of Gratitude, television series including “The Muslim Women” and “Vengeful,” along with a roster of short films including Shattered Lenses, #BlackMuslimGirlFly: A Butterfly Amidst Iniquity, The Trap, City In the Sea, and others.

Core Mission of Audaz Entertainment, Inc.:

Our mission is to share diverse and compelling stories that connect different communities and give voice, platform, and power to provide an authentic and positive representation of underrepresented populations; including, and more specifically, Black Muslim Girls and Women.


We want to live in a world where we honor each other and spread love through shared experiences. We are committed to creating inclusive and diverse storytelling through which we can all connect, and to help others create and develop their stories to share.

We believe that our lives are a story we give the world, to make it a better place. Our experiences are a powerful way to connect with each other, to grow and elevate our humanity, collectively and individually.


Through independent film/tv, publications, education, empowerment programs and brands, our goal is to provide opportunities for diverse populations to recognize their own stories and share them globally; bridging divides and entertaining the world.

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